To build a better home, you have to examine from the foundation up the entire structure.  The three primary areas we focused on were design, materials and process.  Our overall goals were simple: make a safe and durable home that is both affordable and beautfiful.  The home is the centerpice of a person or family's life. It is a refuge.  There has to be a sense of safety their.  But, there also needs to be a sense of pride in that home. It should be a place you want to come home to.  A place to share all that life throws at us.  And, it has to withstand the ravages of storms, fires, and other natural damage.    

Our products acheive these objectives.

Fab & Fill™: Complete metal-framed walls and roofs are manufactured in a semi-automated factory.  Sensors will be built-in to measure the performance and health of the structure.  They are then delivered to the jobsite and filled with our proprietary concrete blend optimized for strength and high insulative properties.  This eco-friendly material has been developed specifically for this building method and is called BioSilicate™.    We can work with natural materials, such as corn husks, sugar cane, etc., that are native to particular regions. Typically, this converts waste material into revenue for local farmers.


The center of the building process is the individual wall segment, much like the individual Lego brick is the starting point to any grand creation.  We manufacture of the wall forms to leverage consistency, relixalibily, and efficiency.  Formed from aluminum and/or steel, we can get more than 1000 uses.

The forms are then 'stuffed' with insulation, strengthening mesh, electric and plumbing.  Each panel also has window and/or door inserts.


A wide range of floorplans can developed using the individual wall segments.  Windows, doors, and elevations can be customized to fit the need of the development and homeowner.  

There are few limits to what can be built by orienting and placing the wall segments. 


According to the floorplan and desired elevation, the walls are delivered to the build site and connected.


Once all of the connections are complete, we then pour our proprietary concrete blend into the form.  About two days later the form is removed revealing the desired elevation.    


Like the wall, the roof is manufactured in segments.  Each can be finished with solar or high grade metal.


After the wall is poured, the roof is attached.  This yields a 'dried-in' structure in the first 24 hours.  This reduces damage to the interior walls.  It also provides a better environment to finish the floors, kitchen, bathrooms and all other finishing work. 

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