3Space Makers Wins Pitch Competition

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

3Space Makers was invited to pitch to a crowded room in downtown Houston at the technology accelerator Station Houston. The regular event is held on the last Wednesday of every month. The format is that a panel of three judges evaluate, give feedback and award the winner of a local technology start-up.

3Space Makers was one of three companies presenting. The format as a four minute 'pitch' of the company followed by up to 8 minutes of questions and answers from the judges and many times the audience. After several minutes of deliberation, the judges announced that we were the winner.

As the winner, 3Space Makers is now a part of the technology accelerator with our first month free.

We are thrilled to not only win against some stiff competition, said Ted Cox, CEO, but we have already made many friends, potential partners and even investment inquiries.

One very interesting partnership that has flowed from that evening is the opportunity to bring our new construction technologies to the hurricane ravished Bahamas. We look forward to serving the great people who have been completely devestated by Hurricane Dorian.

Watch The Video Here

(taken by one of our team members)

Or you can watch the full video pitch here (or pitch starts at about the 42:30 time mark.

Station Houston Facebook Page: 3Space Makers Pitch

About 3Space Makers

3Space Makers is an innovative construction technologies company based just outside of Houston, Texas. The company 3D prints homes and is recruiting a builder partner network throughout the United States. 3Space Makers has expertise in robotics, material sciences and data control systems. To find out more or to apply to become a certified builder go to www.3spacemakers.com

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