A Revolution is Coming.

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

The construction industry has been building homes essentially the same way and with the same materials for more than one hundred years.

New technologies are now emerging that will utterly disrupt the industry. These new technologies will do for the home owner what it has done for other industries. The homes that will be built will be done in less time, for less money, and be substantially better.

New technologies and processes will enable homes to be built better, faster and cheaper

One of these new technologies is 3D printing. And, it is on the immediate horizon. There are many 'lab' experiments that have produced 3D printed homes in various countries using a variety of materials and methods.

3Space Makers is developing a set of robotics and materials to be able to commercialize the 3D printing of homes.

Imagine having a move-in ready home in half the time of a conventionally built home with a much lower cost. Completely 3D printed. Complete with resistance to hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, earthquakes or pests.

Developing these technologies has a great reward. We will be able to build homes for lower income earners, first time home buyers, downsizers, and one of our prime business objectives is to build homes for homeless veterans, says Ted Cox, C.E.O. We have our first projects now planned and are looking for more partners to cover the United States.

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