Do You Speak Machine?

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

We do. Well, our robots do.

3Space Makers is developing a suite of technologies to 3D print homes in the United States and around the world. Our company operates with a 50/50/50 mandate. The goal is to produce a home 50% faster, 50% less expensive and 50% better than traditional construction.

We do it by using 3Space Makers designed and programmed robotics to complete the task. We also use secret blend of concrete, called EcoSilicate™. We get that mixture to the robot with automated pumps and mixers. The problem is that all of these machines need to talk to one another.

To make robot and machine communication happen 3Space Makers has partnered with Assess IoT to help define sensors and protocols for our invented machines.

Right now everything in the construction industry is manual and human driven. And, until now that has been enough to get the job done. The use of concrete has been largely used in foundations, which can be imprecise. All you have to do is pour into a form - a dug out area - that becomes the foundation.

But what if you have to print layer upon layer, imprecision is not good enough. Not even close. There has to be to careful formulation of the mixture. That mixture then has to be delivered in layers, precisely extruded, that add up to a pump and square wall. If there is a problem during the process, the robot has to tell the the pump and mixer to stop. And, then restart when the problem is solved.

This involves lots of sensors, lots of programming and continuous communications.

This is where Assess-IoT comes in. They are great partners with deep expertise in the ecosystem that is at the heart of the 'Internet of Things.' Their team has worked on many technically sophisticated projects spanning a broad variety of markets. Most notably, their systems architecture approach has made a significant difference in helping us develop the right solutions.

Ted Cox, CEO of 3Space Makers says of working with Assess IoT, "Working within our respective areas of expertise is allowing 3Space Makers to come to market much quicker and with much better products. We wouldn't close to going to market without them."

About 3Space Makers

3Space Makers is an innovative construction technologies company based just outside of Houston, Texas. The company 3D prints homes and is recruiting a builder partner network throughout the United States. 3Space Makers has expertise in robotics, material sciences and data control systems. To find out more or to apply to become a certified builder go to

About Assess IoT

Assess-IoT partners with companies looking to harness the power of IoT to grow their business through focused strategic planning, alignment to new roadmaps, system engineering analysis and development of solid deployment plans. By applying its deep business leadership and ecosystem expertise, Assess-IoT helps companies derive the real value of IoT and position themselves for the future.

For more information go to

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