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3Space Makers and The Reach Project Form Partnership

3Space Makers and The Reach Project signed an agreement to work together to build homes in the College Station, Texas area for lower income workers.

The two organizations came together following a meeting on the campus of Texas A&M. The missions of each organization were completely in line with one another and saw great synergy in pursuing their missions together.

One of 3Space Maker's primary drivers for the business is to introduce new technologies into the construction industry that drive down cost, decrease time to completion and produce a much better home than can be build using conventional methods and materials.

The Reach Project is looking to build approximately 90 homes just outside College Station. The founding partners were greatly impacted by the distance some of the local university workers had to drive in order to afford a home. To them, this was an unacceptable situation. They sought ways to make homes affordable for people working so hard to earn a living and take care of their families.

'It is a match made in heaven', said Ted Cox, CEO of 3Space Makers. 'The Reach Project has such a heart for folks who work so hard to serve others. Their mission to provide a good, affordable home is right in-line with our mission and capabilities. We can't wait to get started.'

3Space Makers will be utilizing a proprietary method of building branded Fab & Fill™. Using this method, the company expects to be able to build a home for about half of conventional methods. Additionally, the homes will be hurricane, tornado, fire and pest proof.

About 3Space Makers

3Space Makers is an innovative construction technologies company based just outside of Houston, Texas. The company 3D prints homes and is recruiting a builder partner network throughout the United States. 3Space Makers has expertise in robotics, material sciences and data control systems. To find out more or to apply to become a certified builder go to

About The Reach Project

The Reach Project's mission is "To provide the resources required to help all members of the community acquire the skills and assets needed to achieve financial self-sufficiency, build transgenerational wealth, and prevail over the obstacles preventing them from achieving their fullest potential."

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