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2018 Trinidad Earthquake

Earthquakes are common.

Mass destruction doesn't have to be. 

Trinidad and Tobago sits atop a very active earthquake zone.  As a result, the ilands experience numerous earthquakes every year.  This includes a strong, destructive quake measuring 7.3 in 2018.

The need for earthquake-resistant residential construction combined with the need for durable affordable housing makes Petros Builders the ideal builder for the islands.  



As the building partner for 3Space Makers, Petros Builders is reinventing residential construction:

  • ​For the Trinidad and Tobago project, we examined everything from the foundation up.

  • Our process is built for speed to produce durable, affordable homes.

  • Our reusable foundation and wall form system [Fab&Fill] produces a unibody structure, highly resistive to earthquakes.

  • Fab&Fill allows us to build multiple homes per day by remediating the forms and reusing immediately..

  • The extreme efficiency of Fab&Fill means we can reusing tone of the most costly element of building. 

We reduce the cost elements of time, material, labor and risk.  
While at the same time, we exponentially increase build speed. 

Trinidad and Tobago Floorplans

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