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Petros Builders creates technologies and develops manufacturing processes that enable high quality homes to be built much faster and more economically than traditional methods.  This means we can build a highly durable, safe, comfortable home for less, therefore serving those who are in need.  


Our minimum performance target is ‘50/50/50.’  Any technology or process we develop must be 50% faster, 50% less expensive and 50% better than current methods on the market.  We will improve people’s lives around the world with durable, safe and affordable homes.  The first technology we are bringing to market is 'Fab & Fill'.

Fab & Fill

Fab & Fill™: Complete metal-framed walls and roofs will be manufactured in our semi-automated factory.  Sensors will be built-in to measure the performance and health of the structure. They are then delivered to the jobsite and filled with our proprietary concrete blend optimized for strength and high insulative properties.  This eco-friendly material has been developed specifically for this building method and is called BioSilicate™.    We can work with natural materials, such as corn husks, sugar cane, etc., that are native to particular regions. Typically, this converts waste material into revenue for local farmers.  Learn More


Both methods introduce product consistency, reduction in labor and risk at the jobsite, and produces a home that exceeds our 50/50/50 mandate.  The resulting home will be highly resistant to hurricanes, fire, pests, earthquakes and other natural disasters.  


The company continues to look into the future and has a number of additional processes, materials and complimentary products in the research and development work.   We are entertaining a variety of partnerships around the world to bring new jobs, revenue streams for local farmers, and most importantly great homes for those who need it most.